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WEBINAR - Getting Started "ORGANIZER" Training | Institute for Communications Resource
Date: October 27, 2010
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Location: Webinar ($12)


Contact: John David Van Hove
Phone: (800) 640-5947
Email: icr@icresource.com

From the Desk of John David Van Hove

Re: Getting Started "Organizer" Training

Dear Organizer,

If you embody all the pre-requisite values and qualities of a prospective ORGANIZER, then you're pre-qualifed as a prospect for building or administering a local resource center.

  • Native intelligence and community organizing ability
  • Natural networking ability
  • Communications and relationship skills
  • Basic computer and web skills
  • High levels of response-ability and autonomy
  • Willingness to play
  • Willingness to run your resource center like a business
  • Some sales and marketing ability

You must also be willing to improve your social media skills as needed by attending regular, weekly classes in social media.
With regards to your area I am proposing establishing a preliminary resource center. We can start you out as an ADMIN for a "GROUP" within the Resource Center closest to your geographical area and build it out from there. This will be the focus of this initial orientation and training.

  • How to manage your "Resource Center" group page
  • How to build your own "MyPage"
  • How to build an email list and upload to invite new participants
  • How to organize a class in your area for building "MyPages" and private sessions
  • How to organize and promote events in your area

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Thank you and enjoy!

John David Van Hove, CEO & Founder, ORGANIZER
Institute for Communications Resources
Ashland, Oregon
Toll Free: 800.640.5947
Email: icr@icresource.com
Website: www.ICResource.com

[ICResource.com] Builds local, regional and global resource center networks that facilitate the emerging consciousness of sustainability and freedom. Resource centers take inventory of the best-of-class people, projects, programs, businesses, organizations and media in a locality or region. Learn more today at www.ICResource.com

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